Video Commercial Production for Personal Injury Lawyers

These are example video commercials for Personal Injury lawyers. These type of short videos are great for creating Social Media Ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and also to display in a landing page or funnel that you use to generate leads.

Example Video Commercial for Estate Planning Lawyers

This is an animated video commercial for Estate Planning lawyers. This type of video is excellent for creating explainer type of videos, where you want to show your clients how your services work or how they can benefit from your services.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Video Commercial

Talking head. These videos are also great for creating Social Media ads and to embed in a landing page or funnel where you generate leads. 

We create these type of videos by combining stock footage with a real person who is typically the face of the company.

Example of Stock Footage Video Commercial

This is an example where all we use is stock footage and record the voice of the business owner to go along with the video.