Dealing with Negative Reviews? 7 actionable steps to fix your business reputation

fix bad reviews

We now live a world where consumers dictate how successful you will be. Consumers are using more sites than ever, Google Maps reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews and more. When dealing with negative reviews, it’s important not to let the consumers control de conversation. An unhappy customer is far more likely to leave a review than a happy customer. Let’s look into 6 actionable steps that you can do right now to fix your business’s reputation online.

What are most businesses common reaction to bad reviews and reputation?

In the years we have been helping business owners start a new business and launch their websites, marketing campaigns and online presence, online reviews is something that is particularly sensitive for new business owners. Most of the time I see reactions along the lines of:

  • I will just ignore the review.
  • I will pay someone to create a lot of 5 star reviews.
  • I will start a new business from scratch.

In general, the most effective way for businesses to respond to negative reviews is to acknowledge the problem, take responsibility for it, and demonstrate a commitment to resolving the issue and improving their products or services.

7 Tips on how businesses can handle negative reviews

1- Respond quickly and politely:

Responding quickly and politely to negative reviews is key. Responding promptly shows the customer that you care about their experience and are committed to finding a resolution. Use a professional tone and address the customer by name.

2- Take the conversation offline:

If possible, take the conversation offline to avoid airing your dirty laundry in public. Provide a phone number or email address where the customer can reach you to discuss their concerns in more detail.

3- Acknowledge the customer’s concerns:

Acknowledge the customer’s concerns and show that you understand their perspective. This doesn’t mean you have to agree with their review, but it does show that you are taking their feedback seriously.

4- Apologize and offer a solution:

Apologize for any inconvenience or frustration the customer experienced and offer a solution to their problem. This could be a refund, a discount on future purchases, or a free service to make up for their negative experience.

5- Learn from the feedback:

Use negative reviews as an opportunity to learn and improve your business. Look for patterns in the feedback you receive and use this information to make changes to your product or service.

6- Don’t delete or ignore negative reviews:

Deleting or ignoring negative reviews can make your business look dishonest or uncaring. Responding to negative reviews shows that you are willing to listen to feedback and take steps to improve.

7- Follow up:

After you have addressed the customer’s concerns, follow up to ensure they are satisfied with the solution you provided. This can help to build trust and loyalty with your customers.